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What is Hardy Brain Training?

Hardy Brain Trainings special programs make life easier.


The human brain has built-in timing systems that we use when we process information. 

There are different areas in the brain that each specialize in a different job. Some of these areas control movement, others control different aspects of learning, others control language, and so on for all of the functions that make us human. The brain uses the timing system to organize all of the activities it needs to coordinate among all of the different areas to move, think, learn, etc. Without timing it would be impossible to walk, talk, learn, and think.


Most tasks require using several brain areas at once to accomplish a task, so the brain is designed to coordinate timing among all the different areas needed for specific tasks.

The time that is takes for each brain area to send its input, coordinate all of the necessary messages, and respond determines how quickly you can process information. The faster you process, the ‘smarter’ you become.


This works for sports too. The greatest athletes have the best timing. In sports, is a result of processing speed and muscle coordination.

  • Kids, teens, and college students who want to improve attention, learning speed, executive function, and academic success
  • Adults who want to improve job and sports performance, or overcome learning and attention difficulties
  • Seniors who want to improve thinking, organization, coordination, and memory
  • People diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, processing disorders, dyslexia, working memory deficits, upper extremity difficulties, motor coordination deficits, expressive & receptive language weaknesses


We help kids who are struggling in school as well as homeschool students who would benefit from improved attention and learning speed, average and gifted kids who want to excel more easily, and college students who want to earn better grades and be less stressed by assignments and deadlines.


Our programs help adults improve job and sports performance by increasing the speed that the brain can process information. We assist people struggling with cognitive impairments think more clearly, those with impaired movement coordinate their movements more easily and people with on-going pain and recovery from surgeries begin to think and organize more easily.





Who can benefit from our programs?

From the moment you get up in the morning, you are presented with contant stimulation. Your brain needs to process every sight, sound, and sensation. This requires your attention and your energy. Getting ready for school or work, completing new learning challenges, and finishing everyday tasks are just part of all you have to process.


If your brain is slow at processing, all of these things drain your energy and leave you feeling stressed and frustrated.


Now picture this instead: Your brain processes all this information faster. Paying attention is easier. You can learn more easily. You can juggle work, school, chores, and the everyday distractions of living -- easily. 


What if you had this ability, not just for a day -- but for the rest of your life? How much could you achieve? How much happier would you be?


We can help.


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