Find out how hundreds of parents have given their distracted children the tools they need to succeed:

I'm so pleased you found this site and I look forward to getting you the tools your child needs to succeed. As the mother of two daughters who were once at the bottom of the class, I understand the emotions that accompany parenting a child who struggles.


  • Frustration because you havenít yet found a solution

  • Heart-Break to watch your child struggle to complete school work on time.

  • Embarrassment because your child misbehaves at school, struggles to learn what other children learn easily, isnít on the honor roll.

  • Exhaustion because homework takes forever, you are trying to corral your childís seemingly never ending energy

Have you wondered what you have done or havenít done that has caused this?

Good News! There is a solution!

Your child CAN break down the barriers to his/her success. One of my daughters just earned her doctorate degree and the other just finished film school and has her own business. This method has just been implemented by Boys & Girls Club and has changed the lives of hundreds of boys and girls who were struggling with school work.

Allow me to get you started by sending you the assessment tool that I use to understand what may be causing the challenges your child is experiencing. Simply enter your Name, Email, and child's age below and I'll send that to you immediately free of charge.


Sherrie Hardy
Leading expert and international consultant
on overcoming learning and attention problems in children

"Improving your childís success in school without medication, tutoring or special education."

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