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Hardy Brain Training is a small private practice - not a giant learning center franchise.  We have decades worth of experience. That makes a huge difference.


I founded Hardy Brain Training in 2003, after a life of lessons in how to learn and how to teach kids how to learn.


My Personal Journey With Learning

As a child I had a vision disorder and saw two of everything. Letters appeared to sit on top of each other on the page. Numbers in a math problem switched places. Two baseballs were pitched to me in a baseball game - one slightly ahead of the other. 


To cope, I developed strategies. These let me succeed in school, but cost me in terms of stress and anxiety. When I graduated from college, I still had not discovered my vision disorder.  I graduated with Honors - and an intense desire to help students succeed in school. 


I began teaching elementary school and had a natural inclination to figure out why some kids seemed to learn easily and others had a harder time.


At age 32, I learned to see 'clear and single' and realized how much easier everything became for me.


As a teacher, I had a newfound desire to figure out the reason behind a student's struggles.  Kids aren't "stupid" or "just bad at math" -- there is always a cause underlying their struggles.  And, I now know, that cause can be fixed.


Because part of my own solution for my learning struggles had involved movement, I began to experiment with using movement patterns to change the way kids are able to learn.


Then, my oldest daughter had a mild oxygen loss at birth. Through the years, she needed extra help to use her muscles. At age five, she was at the bottom of the kindergarten class -- so I set out in earnest to discover exactly what it takes to make a kid a great student and successful learner.


That 'research' was successful. By middle school, she moved to the top of her class, ultimately attending MIT, earning a Ph.D., and working on NASA's missions to Mars. In the meantime, I earned a Master's degree and started a clinic and school designed specifically to change the lives of struggling students and to give average and gifted students an extra boost so learning was faster and easier.


Then, a family asked if we could experiment with providing a long-distance program, because they lived too far from the clinic to make the daily trip for training. That 'experiment' was a success (see "Adam's story"). So, in 2009, we began offering long-distance training in order to serve clients anywhere in the world. We can now reach anyone needing help, as long as they have a computer and internet access.


Also, in 2009 we started a program with Boys and Girls Clubs that has grown to serving 1000 club members per year through the not-for-profit half of our business. In 2017, we were credentialed by the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to offer our programs in all 4000+ clubs.


As our company has grown, we have changed the lives of children who struggle with learning and attention, home schoolers who need an alternative way to learn, teenagers who can't keep up with the demands of high school, college students who want less stress and better grades, adults who want to improve in business, sports and music, as well as seniors who want to strengthen their cognitive skills as they age.


I hope we can help you with whatever focus issue you are facing.



Sherrie Hardy

A Message From Sherrie

Hardy Brain Training was founded by Sherrie Hardy and her two daughters in 2003. 

Sherrie is a leading expert and an international consultant on overcoming learning and attention problems in children. She has over 45 years of experience as a classroom teacher, school director, and perceptual-motor specialist. She holds credentials in teaching, reading and adult education, a Master's in Marital and Family Therapy, and a Master's level certification in Interactive Metronome Certification (MIMC).

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