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For Seniors

Older adults often want to keep their skills sharp as they start to notice the natural changes that occur with aging. Many are still working at jobs they love and want to keep their ‘edge’ for many years to come so they can continue to work. Some have started to struggle with their thinking skills due to chronic pain, setbacks from surgeries and illnesses that have caused them to notice a decline in valuable skills that they would like to regain.


Adults who start to notice slower thinking and longer processing time can be helped by increasing their thinking and processing speed.


In as little as 6 weeks, you can start to be more focused, confident, and able to pay attention


Make a quick improvement in your ability to pay attention, stay focused, and communicate in as few as 6 weeks, by simply raising your thinking speed to a gifted range so that keeping up with the areas in your live that are important to you becomes easier.


This is how the ‘gifted’ adults do it – they can focus intensively, think faster, stay organized, and continue to succeed with the jobs and activities that are important year after year. They have the confidence to take on new challenges, knowing they will succeed because their thinking speed and processing speed skills remain strong.


Adults who notice they feel “a little less ‘together’” in their thinking, with their organization, at their job, in athletic activities or in their daily lives -- who have difficulty completing work, focusing and paying attention, don’t stay on task, or are becoming disorganized -- all profit from the training we offer.

Create gifted thinking speed

Our unique Hardy Brain Training program can help your thinking speed improve in as few as  6 weeks.


Train at home for 30 to 50 minutes, 4 to 5 days a week, for as little as 6 weeks or as long as you want to continue to make improvements using our computer-based training system that is backed by years of research studies with thousands of people who used to struggle with attention, concentration, and natural brain changes as we age. No medication. No lengthy medication schedule. We simply improve the brain’s natural speed into the gifted range that all smart people have naturally. In 6 weeks, with a home training system you can use at your convenience at home, you can start to experience improvements in your thinking speed and enjoy the feeling of success.


In 6 weeks you can start to experience a change in attention ability, processing speed and brain organization that will improve the course of your life. You will see the success you believe is possible start to happen now. If you are feeling behind in conversations, struggling to stay focused, getting frustrated more easily, or is starting to lose confidence, our systems will be life-changing.


The whole program:

  • can take as little as 6 weeks or as long as many years, depending on your level

  • is a fraction of the cost of therapy.

  • is an ongoing, permanent solution that improves processing so you can feel successful this year, next year and beyond.


Are you:

  • Taking longer to accomplish tasks at work or home
  • Not working to your previous potential
  • Concerned about keeping up with activities you love
  • Wanting help with activities you used to do more quickly
  • Struggling with chronic pain for more than 3 months
  • Noticing a slow mental recovery after surgery
  • Forgetting names and words more easily while talking
  • Having more difficulty staying focused
  • Having problems paying attention like you used to
  • Easily distracted and have difficulty getting back on track
  • Getting frustrated with tasks that never frustrated you before
  • Having a harder time working for longer stretches of time
  • Feeling you aren’t as smart as you used to be
  • Struggling to keep up with your work load
  • Opting out of fun activities
  • Feeling behind
  • Concerned about what the future will hold


If some of the difficulties on this checklist describe you and you would like some help now to resolve the problems, please give us a call at 805-389-8144 or email me:




We’ll set up free consultation call to discuss the problems to decide if this is really the right program for you. You can ask questions, and I’ll be happy to help. I’d love to be a part of your success, if I think that Hardy Brain Training will work for you.


All the best,

~Sherrie Hardy


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